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Offshore wind

Offshore wind farms in Kattegat: Port of Grenaa strategically located

Port of Grenaa is ready to become part of future offshore wind farms in the Kattegat, including Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm. We are strategically located close to the offshore wind farms. With optimal facilities and the right know-how, Port of Grenaa is the ideal partner as pre-assembly, installation and O&M port.

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Quick and easy access to the port

Whether you're coming from the south, west or north, you'll find good access to and from Port of Grenaa. The road network is designed to cope with most types of transport, from modular trains to heavy goods. 

Grenaa is strategically located for future offshore wind farms in the Kattegat. Get an overview of the upcoming offshore wind projects in the Kattegat.

Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm: The neighbour to the Port of Grenaa in Kattegat

As part of the green transformation of Denmark, the climate agreement of June 2022 ensures a significant expansion of renewable energy sources - both up to 2030 and in the years after.

The Energy Agreement 2020 designated Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm as one of the future offshore wind farms in the Kattegat. Port of Grenaa is closely following the plan and development of Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm, and is ready to engage in dialogue with stakeholders for the project. Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm will be relocated to a more optimal and southern location under the climate agreement. 



  • Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm will be located in the Kattegat, at a distance of approximately 52 km from port of Grenaa.
  • Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm will have a capacity of 800 - 1,200 MW.
  • It is estimated that the Hesselø offshore wind farm could produce enough electricity to cover the electricity consumption of about 1 million households.
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From green onshore to crew and ideal shipping lanes

20 MW shore power

Whatever the size of installation vessels, ships or rigs, your business is guaranteed access to green power at Port of Grenaa. 20 MW of onshore power will be available by 2023.

Handling of heavy goods

We help with the handling and lifting of your company's heavy goods. Capacity up to 250 tonnes in twin-lift.