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Project cargo

We tackle the heavy project loads

If your company has particularly high and specialised requirements for handling heavy project loads, Port of Grenaa is the ideal partner. With us, you also get a high-class total transport solution - from large crane capacity with twin-lift up to 250 tonnes to specially designed project areas and services. 

The quay areas are exclusively designed with reinforced concrete with high load-bearing capacity. We develop in consultation with you and adjust the project management to meet your business needs.

Want to know more about Project Cargo?

Store your goods in a secure project area

Let us store your goods - either temporarily on a large contiguous project area with direct connection to the quay or long-term on the port's secure area.

The entire project area is designed with optimal working conditions, so your company can work with all types of project loads around the clock, even if it's noisy. The area is deliberately located at a good distance from residential areas. The North Harbour is located within the ISPS security area with permanent fencing and video surveillance. You can also rent and install mobile fencing. Contact us to find out more.


Good infrastructure - also for special transport

The project area offers you many logistical advantages: access conditions are optimal. Light and heavy traffic can be split as needed, so you always have easy access to the quay - even for larger projects with special transports and larger constructions.

The area is also centrally located on the port and the north and southbound bypass ensures good infrastructure on the landside, wherever you are transporting the goods to or from. This greatly minimises urban traffic.

Rig is jacked up in Port of Grenaa

Stable jack-up area for special vessels

Port of Grenaa is known as Denmark's most central deep-water port. With a water depth of up to 11 metres and an area with a specially reinforced harbour bottom, this means that special ships can jack up and stand steady under even very heavy lifts.

Local suppliers and service companies support your project

Does your cargo require extra security and preparation before shipping, or are you faced with a particularly complicated cargo delivery that you fear will be delayed? We've got you covered. As part of an active business network, Port of Grenaa often involves specialists from neighbouring companies.


"We are flexible on gang size, can work 24/7 and have an experienced workforce ready to take on the challenge and solve your company's task in the best way"

Theis Gisselbæk, CCO, Port of Grenaa.

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