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Sustainability & CSR

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

In our sustainability strategy and CSR work, we focus on 9 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The most important SDG for Port of Grenaa in our current strategy period is SDG 17.

SDG 17

Partnerships for action

This is through strategic partnerships with business, knowledge institutions and the public sector that we create value for society and realise our commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

SDGs in sustainability strategy and CSR policy:

3. Health and well-being
4. Quality training
7. Sustainable energy
8. Decent jobs and economic growth
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
17. Partnerships for action

Two more SDGs in CSR policy:

5. Gender equality
16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Prosperity, growth and employment

    The Port of Grenaa's objective is to be a driving force for prosperity, growth and employment in society.

    For us, this goes hand in hand with sustainability, climate action and the SDGs - and not least being a workplace that fosters well-being for the port's most important resource, our employees.

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    Human rights, anti-corruption and bribery

    The Port of Grenaa aims to be a responsible, efficient and transparent company. We take a stand against corruption and bribery of all forms, and we safeguard privacy in relation to data protection. We aim to promote and uphold human rights by operating a responsible and inclusive business.

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    It is part of the Port of Grenaa's values to offer diverse competences and to retain and develop qualified employees with professional diversity.

    That's why we work to create a good, safe physical and mental working environment for our employees, with a focus on employee involvement, health and skills development.

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    Social responsibility

    For Port of Grenaa , social responsibility is about looking after our employees and taking responsibility for helping young people as well as adults outside the labour market closer to a job. That's why we make a big effort to offer apprenticeships, flexjobs and small jobs, while also providing clarification and upskilling for the unemployed.

    We also do a lot to promote the good life, including by contributing to community development and supporting charitable initiatives.

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    Environment and climate

    Port of Grenaa will lead the way in environmental sustainability. This means that we continuously work to reduce the port's own environmental impact and collaborate on future green solutions. We prioritise recycling and circular economy, and make investments on a sustainable basis when it makes sense.

    Therefore, Port of Grenaa has set an ambitious target of 10% of the Port of Grenaa's profits to be used for sustainable transformation within the group's strategic focus areas.

    mobile power Port of Grenaa

    Concrete actions in sustainability and CSR

    Partnership with NRGI

    Port of Grenaa has signed a ten-year partnership agreement with NRGI. In the future, the energy group will ensure that the port's operations are powered by 100% green electricity from renewable sources, and in the longer term supply locally produced power from newly established projects in the local area.

    Biodiversity project in the port

    Cod is disappearing from Danish waters at an unprecedented rate. That's why Port of Grenaa has teamed up with WWF, Ørsted and the Kattegat Centre to make a difference for cod locally. In spring 2021, 10 biohuts were therefore established to become home to cod fry in Port of Grenaa. Because if cod thrive, it benefits the entire biodiversity in the water.

    All-in on onshore power

    The largest installation vessels, ships and rigs are guaranteed 100% green power at Port of Grenaa well into the future. From 2023, the port will offer no less than 20 megawatts of onshore power. In addition, we have kick-started the establishment of a comprehensive electricity infrastructure, ensuring flexible connectivity for mobile shore power installations. We are looking into an investment in shore power plant number two, and are ready to invest in more plants when the need arises.

    Electrification of port operations

    We have an ongoing focus on converting the port's vehicles and equipment to electric or hybrid. In 2021, we have invested in two new electric cars and a Liebherr mobile crane that can run on electricity.

    10 charging stations for electric cars

    Grenaa Port's partner Sustain has set up ten charging stations for electric cars on the port's premises. The charging stations from SustainRecharge can be used freely by everyone, and will thus benefit many of the port's users, whether they are the many employees of the companies at the port, or tourists taking the Stena Line ferry to Sweden or visiting the Kattegat Centre.

    Waste sorting

    Port of Grenaa has established an in-house waste management system, as well as a specially designed container system for waste management at the port. We have given the port's employees thorough training in waste sorting and they have received a "nudging mug" as a thank you for helping to sort waste and supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.