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Plenty of space at Port of Grenaa

As one of the country's largest commercial and industrial ports, we are the ideal partner for customers in maritime transport, offshore, maritime business and heavy industry. We have large areas, solid berths, modern facilities and equipment, and green power. And with a professional crew, we are ready to provide tailor-made service solutions for your business.

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Service solutions at the port

cranes on Port of Grenaa

Mobile cranes

At Port of Grenaa we are ready to solve any loading or unloading task, whether it is bulk, ro-ro or project cargo such as wind turbine parts, concrete elements or steel structures. Our professional crew has extensive experience in everything from twin-lift to ship-to-ship (STS) operations, and is thus available for the efficient and safe handling of all types of cargo.


Quay and commercial areas

At Port of Grenaa, commercial space suitable for heavy and space-intensive industry is available for rent. Our attractive quays are built of reinforced concrete with a high load-bearing capacity and the commercial area is also located at a reasonable distance from urban settlements. This makes Port of Grenaa particularly suitable for handling the most complex project cargo and special cargo.



The port's many warehouses are located close to the quayside, ensuring easy and fast loading and unloading operations. The warehouses are equipped with automatic electric gates and can of course be locked. There are no pillars in the warehouses.

shore power plant at Port of Grenaa

Onshore power

In addition to the fixed installations on the port area, we also have a mobile shore power installation. Both the fixed installations and the mobile shore power plant can supply up to 20 MW by 2023. To meet our objective of taking responsibility for the green transition, we have ensured that shore power at the port is 100% green.

Facilities at Port of Grenaa

  • Area
    1425.000 m2
  • Quay length
    2,500 m + 300 m

    with the upcoming port expansion

  • Warehouses
    25 warehouses for rent
  • Warehouse capacity
    52.500 m2
  • Ro-Ro bearings
  • Ferries
  • Tank capacity connected to the port
    100.000 m3
  • Vacant land and warehouses
    Located in the ISPS area

Download overview of facilities here

project load of Port of Grenaa

Multi-bays for bulk cargo, wind projects and project cargo

The port's two berths are suitable for several types of bulk cargo such as biomass, wood chips and raw materials. The sites are also attractive for both wind projects and project cargo. The areas are paved with SF stones and there is the possibility to frame the sites with concrete blocks. 

Environmentally approved tank farms

The Port of Grenaa's partners are happy to enter into dialogue about your company's needs for the rental of environmentally approved tanks for the storage of liquid bulk. These include oil tanks and tanks for liquid chemicals, fuel oil, slop, fish oil and silage, and tank cooling water.

At the port, several companies have activities with liquid bulk. An area in growth and development. We are happy to pass on your contact to our partners. The port has a tank farm and facilities of 100,000 m3. Access is via quay manifold, which ensures efficient transfer of products.

Port Centre - offices and meeting rooms

Port Centre is a large commercial building available for companies dealing with the maritime sector and general business.

It is possible to rent offices or meeting rooms here and it is also where you will find the head office of the Port of Grenaa's administration.

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