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SDG 12

Focus on climate and environment

At Port of Grenaa , we focus on the environment and climate, and work with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 "Responsible consumption and production". That's why we have developed a specially designed container system that supports ships in handling and sorting their waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The waste container is typically requested via the ship's broker.

waste container

Rules on reporting waste

All ships calling at Danish ports are obliged to deliver waste to the port. However, ships are exempted if the waste is small and can be stored on board in an environmentally sound manner, and if the waste, together with waste generated later, can be delivered to a later port.

Waste is reported via SafeSeaNet. SafeSeaNet is an EU-based electronic network for the exchange of maritime-related information between Member States.

Environmentally friendly processing of slurry

Nordic Oily Waste operates a specially designed treatment plant at Port of Grenaa to receive large quantities of ship-generated waste water and sludge. Nordic Oily Waste receives slop at the port or charters a tanker to pick up the slop at sea.
Nordic Oily Waste also offers cleaning of the ship's tanks. The company specialises in filtering sludge oil in a biological process, after which the sludge oil can be recycled as supporting fuel. The process takes place in environmentally approved tank facilities at the port.

Delivery of slop oil in Grenaa

For delivery of sludge, please contact Nordic Oily Waste A/S at: 

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