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Stacking & Maintenance

From construction to maintenance and upgrading of rigs and vessels

There are many reasons why your company's stacking and maintenance projects should be handled at a high level at Port of Grenaa. Through an optimal supplier network, we can offer outstanding facilities, multidisciplinary excellence and professional handling of all stacking tasks - whether repair, maintenance or installation. With a responsive organisation that will go the extra mile to make it happen, we are the obvious partner for upgrading and servicing your company's rigs and vessels.

Your company is offered

The best conditions to solve any task your company may face

Unique location with good distance to residential, for minimal noise disturbance
Flexible gang size and large crane capacity
Customised customer solutions - from project to project
Modern, well-equipped warehouses
Large continuous areas with direct connection to exclusive quay areas, constructed with reinforced concrete for high load-bearing capacity
A strong network of suppliers and service companies, ready to help your business with repair and maintenance
Employee Port of Grenaa
Rig is located in Port of Grenaa

Flexible network of suppliers and service providers

Port of Grenaa can recommend competent suppliers and service companies through our extensive business network. The companies solve everything from supply chain to offshore industry, upgrade or five-year SPS service check. Your company can expect a proactive partner with a friendly and professional staff. Count on a flexible and dedicated effort on our part - so your company's project is completed efficiently and on time.

Receiving facilities for your waste - whatever type

Waste sorting and handling is a crucial focus area for Port of Grenaa. Therefore, we have all the necessary reception facilities for everything from slop oil, tank wash water, drilling mud and oil sludge - to oil filters, industrial and electronic waste, fluorescent tubes, empty barrels, etc. We can always help you dispose of your waste safely and in an environmentally friendly way.

Electricity infrastructure and shore-side electricity

Grenaa Port's extensive electricity infrastructure is an advantage for the port's customers. In addition to the fixed installations at the port area, we also have a mobile shore power system. Both the fixed installations and the mobile shore power plant can supply up to 20 MW by the end of 2022. To meet our objective of taking responsibility for the green transition, we have ensured that shore power at Port of Grenaa is 100% green.


Port of Grenaa's environmental script

In cooperation with Norddjurs Municipality, Port of Grenaa has prepared a manual that gives you as a customer and interested party a quick overview of the necessary permits, guidelines, devices, etc., which must be in place before your project can begin. The environmental script is aimed at calls by vessels, rigs, installation vessels and barges.

In addition to the script/manual, a kick-off meeting is offered as early in the planning phase as possible. Here you will meet the people, from the port and the municipality respectively, who will be your contacts in the future. The meeting provides a good opportunity to align expectations in order to have a smooth and seamless process. Follow-up meetings will be organised as necessary.


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