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Quay and commercial areas

Commercial areas for rent at Port of Grenaa

The Port of Grenaa offers industrial areas with a wide range of options for commercial and industrial uses that require a lot of space. We strive and are happy to make an extraordinary effort to ensure that our services are precisely tailored to your business needs. Your company can rent paved or unpaved sites, commercial properties and business premises for port-related business activities.

Want to know more about quays and industrial areas?

Particularly excellent conditions at the port

If your company is looking for a place to locate production, processing or distribution facilities, you will find the Port of Grenaa very attractive. The business area around the port offers good opportunities for expansion and is well located from urban settlements. Norddjurs Municipality has large areas set aside for industry and is happy to enter into dialogue about your company's needs and ideas for future opportunities in Grenaa and Norddjurs.

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Quay areas for rent in Grenaa

At the tip of Djursland, Port of Grenaa has 2.5 km of quayside. The quays are paved with concrete stones, as is the case in the northern part of the port. This part is the newest section of the harbour with a water depth of up to 11 metres. The basin is prepared for 15 metres for future extensions. Exclusive and attractive quay areas built of reinforced concrete with high load-bearing capacity allow us to customise our facilities to specific projects.

Do not hesitate to inquire about opportunities for large total project areas.