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ISO certifications

QHSE - culture, principles and actions

Working environment, safety and quality are top priorities at Port of Grenaa. We set high standards for everyone in the company and set goals to continuously improve. That is why we commit ourselves to:

  • Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that may apply to our business.

  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution as far as possible.

  • Creating a safe and healthy workplace where we involve and consult our employees.

  • Maintain and improve our management systems; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 continuously.

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We value norms, standards and values

Port of Grenaa is a strong and sustainable multi-skilled organization - a driver for growth and development in society and for the environment. It is crucial for us that our customers and partners can always be sure that we are flexible, do our best and always strive to set high goals for our norms, standards and values.


The QHSE policy defines our objectives

At Port of Grenaa we have implemented a QHSE policy in the areas of quality, occupational health and safety and environment. It defines our approach to managing and complying with our objectives in the respective areas and, most importantly, continuously monitoring our performance.


ISO - an important element for QHSE success

The assumptions behind the QHSE policy are described in our ISO certifications ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environment and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety.

For us, QHSE means



We solve tasks professionally - by having ambitious quality standards in all stages and functions.


Work environment

We want the organisation to reflect society in terms of age, gender and education. We work to create a good, safe physical and mental working environment with a focus on employee involvement, health and skills development.



We are continuously working to create a good safety culture at the port to improve the working environment and avoid accidents at work. Our staff are at the forefront and set a good example when we are in the port.



We will lead the way in environmental sustainability and continuously work to reduce the port's own environmental impact.


Port of partnerships for a green world 2025

At Port of Grenaa, we believe that strategic partnerships are crucial to achieving the port's overarching goals, and to our work on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

As Port of partnerships for a green world, our ambition is to bring our knowledge, networks and facilities into play. All with the aim of contributing to growth and sustainable development in society. At Port of Grenaa there is space, knowledge, hospitality and a number of strong service companies ready to support innovation and new synergies in our surroundings.


Our three ISO certifications

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    ISO 9001

    Quality Management

    With a certification in quality management we commit ourselves to continuously optimise our processes, increase efficiency and productivity in all parts of our organisation.

    The aim is to make our competences clear and show the market that we are constantly working to improve quality for our customers and partners.

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    ISO 14001

    Environmental Management

    Port of Grenaa aims to reduce the port's environmental impact while working towards continuous environmental improvements.

    ISO 14001 is aligned with our work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability and the circular economy, helping to achieve the objectives we set out in our sustainability strategy.

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    ISO 45001

    Occupational health and safety management

    It is part of the Port of Grenaa's values to offer a good physical and mental working environment for our employees.

    The aim of certification in occupational health and safety management (ISO 45001) is to reduce workplace accidents and create safe and healthy workplaces. This is achieved, among other things, by involving employees in everything that concerns them and shifting more responsibility out into the organisation.

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