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Return visit from the Ports of Halland

June 12, 2024

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Last week, the Port of Grenaa received another eventful visit from Hallands Hamnar AB.

The two ports have a solid partnership built on trust, openness and innovation, and with a focus on sustainability and green energy, the two organizations are dedicated to creating a greener future for their ports and the communities around them.

With Chairman Johan Sigurdsson (center right) and CEO Carl-Henrik Hägg (center left) from Hallands Hamnar AB visiting, the day was spent with Port of Grenaa Chairman Bent Hansen (left) and CEO Henrik Carstensen (right), strengthening the partnership between the two ports. The visit from Hallands Hamnar AB was an important opportunity for both ports to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. Discussions about future collaboration projects and opportunities to utilize synergies between the ports took center stage, and both parties left with a strengthened understanding and a clear plan for the future.

With a strong focus on business development and growth, Hallands Hamnar AB and the Port of Grenaa are ready to continue exploring new opportunities and creating value for their stakeholders. The collaboration between the two ports is an important part of their joint strategy to secure a sustainable and competitive future.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this exciting partnership and are confident that Hallands Hamnar AB and Port of Grenaa will continue to inspire each other and drive positive change in the port industry.

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