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New ferry ramp for Sweden traffic

February 26, 2024

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While the ferry Stena Nautica enjoyed the Christmas holidays in Halmstad, there was no rest for the Port of Grenaa. On the contrary, the holidays were utilized to the fullest as the port embarked on an ambitious project: the installation of a lower ramp for Swedish traffic.

After the Christmas rush, the ramp was carefully tested in the early months of 2024 to ensure it worked flawlessly. And now, with the confirmation of its full functionality, we are happy and proud to have this important infrastructure in place. The ramp is not just an improvement to our current facilities; it's securing our future at the ferry terminal.

This project was realized through a close collaboration between the Port of Grenaa, Stena Line and HSM, a local supplier. The collaboration between these parties has been crucial to the success of the project and shows the strength of local commitment and expertise.

It's worth noting that the original lower ramp was built half a century ago for the route between Grenaa and Hundested. It has served its purpose well for decades, but with the evolution of the port's needs and progress, it was now time for a renewal.

Thus, this new lower ramp represents not only a step forward in the modernization of the Port of Grenaa, but also a symbol of continuous commitment to quality and future sustainability of the port's ferry dock.

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