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Port of Grenaa takes active part in the debate about cuts to the emergency room and emergency medical van in Grenaa

September 15, 2023

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Read our consultation response addressed to regional council chairman Anders Kühnau

Dear Anders,

This communication is submitted on behalf of Port of Grenaa, as well as the many companies represented at our port.

First of all, we can inform you that the Port of Grenaa is a large industrial port. Approximately 80 companies are represented at the port and these represent a total of approximately 2100 employees.

Our inquiry is made due to a strong concern from all stakeholders at Grenaa Harbor, related to Region Midtjylland's plans to close the emergency room in Grenaa today, as well as a permanent closure of the emergency medical vehicle.

Many of the companies at the Port of Grenaa work in the "hard industry" (blacksmiths, shipyard workers, electricians, etc.), which means a predominant and ongoing high risk of occupational injuries of both minor and major nature.

Today, these injuries can usually be treated at the emergency room in Grenaa during the daytime, but with the region's plans, this will mean that the injured will have to drive to Randers to be treated for injuries that cannot wait until after 16:00.

In addition to the extra driving time to/from Randers, there is a high risk that the injuries will be aggravated due to the long transportation, which in specific cases could have serious consequences.

Unfortunately, over the years we have experienced several serious accidents at the Port of Grenaa (primarily at the companies established at the port).

When these accidents happen - and other accidents in general - it has been a great positive security for the port's businesses that the emergency medical vehicle with specialized anaesthesiologists has been able to arrive quickly and thus contribute to a quick response to often very serious accidents and injuries.

Having an emergency medical vehicle in the immediate area means a high degree of certainty that the anesthesiologist on duty can quickly be present to provide life-saving emergency assistance.

As it is now, the emergency doctor is always much closer than the helicopter and can start treatment quickly. It should also be mentioned that in about 30% of cases, the helicopter may be exposed to weather conditions that prevent it from flying to the scene of an accident.

The Port of Grenaa and Norddjurs Municipality fight a daily battle to preserve the current jobs in the municipality, and at the same time we have a targeted effort to attract new companies to the area.

With your possible cutbacks, we feel confident that many of the existing companies may consider alternative locations for their business to ensure reasonable accessibility to e.g. emergency care and medical vans for their employees.

In addition, new potential businesses will certainly reconsider their plans to establish themselves in the municipality, as proximity to treatment for their employees means a lot to them.

Norddjurs Municipality generally has a strong focus on attracting new settlers, as they will help ensure that the municipality's businesses have a local workforce.

Your initiatives will certainly mean that new and potential settlers will reconsider whether they want to move to the municipality. This is sad for both Norddjurs Municipality and the many companies in the municipality (including the Port of Grenaa and the many companies we represent).

We hope that you will positively consider our request in the final negotiations next week regarding the closure of the emergency room in Grenaa and the closure of the emergency medical vehicle, as this - if the decision is adopted - could have disastrous consequences in many areas for the municipality and others and, in addition, cost human lives.

We are of course available to answer any further questions you may have, and we look forward to hearing your comments.

Many greetings and on behalf of Port of Grenaa

Bent Hansen, Chairman of the Board
Laura Hay, Vice Chairman
Henrik Carstensen, CEO

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