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The best alternative to Hesselø offshore wind farm remains in Kattegat

23 November 2021

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The Danish Energy Agency has put the tender for the Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm in the Kattegat on standby, and is instead screening alternative areas for a new wind farm. "An offshore wind farm in the Kattegat should remain a top priority as it contributes to green power in Eastern Denmark and thousands of jobs", says Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa.

Need for renewable wind energy in Eastern Denmark

However, when a soft clay bottom in June 2021 put the tender for Hesselø on hold, the Danish Energy Agency started screening for alternative sites for a new offshore wind farm, both in and outside the Kattegat.

Henrik Carstensen emphasises that there are several important incentives for prioritising a new park in Kattegat over another park in the North Sea or Bornholm:

"It is a fact that electricity consumption in Eastern Denmark is increasing, especially in the metropolitan area. At the same time, cogeneration plants are being closed in the area. It is therefore crucial that extra efforts are made to prioritise the establishment of a new offshore wind farm in the Kattegat, which can secure the future supply of green power to Eastern Denmark. More generally, a new Kattegat wind farm will contribute to a sustainable balance in Denmark's electricity infrastructure, as offshore wind development is spread over several geographical areas."

Offshore wind farm in Kattegat will create thousands of jobs

The establishment of an offshore wind farm in Kattegat will also have a decisive impact on growth and employment in East Jutland. An assessment by the Danish Energy Agency and Statistics Denmark shows that the Anholt offshore wind farm created up to 8,000 jobs during the construction phase. As the new offshore wind farm agreed at Hesselø in the Kattegat is more than twice the size of Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, the potential for thousands of new jobs in the area is significant.

Port of Grenaa is ready as a professional wind port

Port of Grenaa is internationally recognised as a professional wind port. The port's extensive know-how as a base and service centre for wind turbine projects was built up through the establishment of the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. Henrik Carstensen emphasises that it will be a great benefit for East Jutland to maintain this expertise as a position of strength:

"Port of Grenaa already has space, equipment and an experienced crew. The region could build on our expertise to the great benefit of growth and new jobs. We are fully prepared to support the establishment of a new offshore wind farm in the Kattegat."

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