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Port of Grenaa - now in the super league for Danish ports

28 February 2023

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Once again Port of Grenaa makes a positive impact. The port has been awarded the blue stamp in three important ISO standards and is thus in a top position to continue the positive development the port has been in since 2015. Now the port has paper that the quality is top in quality, environment and working environment. This is good for customers, the environment and, not least, for employees.

It was a satisfied QHSE manager at Port of Grenaa who achieved all three certifications. This followed two years of implementation of the three management systems in quality, environment and occupational health and safety. By becoming certified, Port of Grenaa gains a number of benefits. These include higher quality, increased efficiency, better risk management and more satisfied customers and employees.

Guarantee of quality

The run-up to ISO certification began in early 2021. At the time, Port of Grenaa had enjoyed record sales for several consecutive years, and had a natural desire to become ISO accredited. Natural because several of the customers were large national and international companies where the requirement would be to demonstrate quality and management in the areas of quality, environment and occupational health and safety if the collaboration was to continue. So it was natural to 'get on paper' that things were in order at the port.

"It wasn't that we weren't in control of our business. We were. But with a growing organisation, a lot more employees and a steadily increasing turnover, now was the time to get started," says Mette Klit, QHSE manager at Port of Grenaa about the choice of time to initiate the certification.
She also emphasises that the three management systems are important tools, as they place demands on Port of Grenaa as an organisation and business partner.

"The requirements placed on us through the certifications are to ensure that we always perform at our best and always strive to set high standards for our norms, standards and values,"
Mette Klit - QHSE Manager, Port of Grenaa

Get a safer workplace

Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa is also confident that the three certifications will benefit the port's customers and employees.
"Several of our customers are among the market leaders in their field. For them it is a requirement that their partners are certified according to ISO standards in quality, environment and working environment. Therefore, it is of course important for Port of Grenaa that we have the certifications, so that we can retain our customers, but just as much that we can attract new ones," says Henrik Carstensen. He points out that it will also lead to a safer workplace, especially for the employees who move around the port areas. Those who load and unload the ships and operate the heavy machinery on a daily basis.

"Especially for the employees working at the port itself, it will mean a safer everyday life. That's because every little mistake or risk of mistake will be reported in a system so we can identify situations and places that could be potentially dangerous - and then do something about it in the form of an action plan," says Henrik Carstensen.

Having achieved the three ISO standards, Port of Grenaa will now move on to optimising and consolidating processes so that the organisation is ready for the next follow-up audit in 2024.

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Facts about the three ISO standards:

ISO 9001: This standard describes the requirements for a quality management system that helps organisations deliver products and services that meet customer needs and expectations.

ISO 14001: This standard describes the requirements for an environmental management system that helps organisations identify and reduce their environmental impacts and meet regulatory requirements.

ISO 45001: This standard describes the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system that helps organisations create a safe and healthy working environment for their employees and other stakeholders.

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