NRGi ensures 100% green power for Port of Grenaa

9 December 2021

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100% Danish produced and climate friendly power will in the future drive the activities at Port of Grenaa and cement the port's strong ambitions for the green transition. This is the result of a new supplier agreement that has just been signed with the NRGi Group.

Port of partnerships for a green world 2025

This is the strategic ambition of one of Denmark's major commercial and industrial ports, which is stepping up its efforts to contribute to Danish climate goals in a new green ten-year partnership agreement with NRGi. In future, the energy group will ensure that the port's operations are powered by green electricity from renewable sources, and in the longer term even supply locally produced power from newly established projects in the local area.

Shared ambitions for a greener world

"The world is changing and Port of Grenaa is with it. It is both our desire and obligation to help create green growth and promote that sustainability permeates everything where possible- internally and externally. That's why we are delighted to be able to enter into an agreement with NRGi, who share our ambitions for a greener world," explains Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa A/S.

"Port of Grenaa works actively with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and has with the agreement placed particular emphasis on the opportunity to get a partner who can offer climate-friendly power and has the desire and ambition of a locally anchored cooperation in the long term," adds Kirsten Hvid Schmidt, CFO at Port of Grenaa A/S.

Well in line with the NRGi Group's wishes

On the other side of the partnership, NRGi is pleased with the agreement, which fits well with the Group's desire to engage in a collaboration that not only supports but accelerates the green transition.

"We look forward to entering into a partnership where we can contribute to promoting the green transition locally in the area and in the longer term, that the cooperation contributes to producing more green power for the benefit of the entire energy system," says Jakob Bundgaard, CEO at NRGi Renewables.

"A ten-year agreement has been signed where NRGi will initially service the port with green power from NRGi's own wind turbines at Tagmarken in Thisted. The ambition is that Port of Grenaa contributes to the realisation of a future project by entering into a ten-year PPA (fixed price agreement). The agreement provides security of electricity billing on a project that will be established without subsidies and which will ultimately contribute with more green power in the East Jutland electricity grid to the benefit of us all", states Jakob Bundgaard.

About Port of Grenaa
Port of Grenaa is one of Denmark's largest commercial and industrial ports with a central location and plenty of room for development. Access to the sea is popularly what Port of Grenaa lives by. A proud hub in the centre of Denmark - the gateway to Kattegat.

About NRGi
NRGi is a champion and accelerator for the green transition in Denmark - and for a better future. NRGi is owned by 220,000 shareholders and consists of 1,500 dedicated employees, all contributing to a greener and more prosperous Denmark.

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