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We are working hard for better infrastructure for Grenaa

May 9, 2023

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Yesterday, almost 100 people gathered for an infrastructure conference at Aarhus Airport.
The conference aimed to bring together all the good forces to make an extra effort to improve the infrastructure in Djursland and especially on the Grenaa to Aarhus line.

From Port of Grenaa , CEO Henrik Carstensen, Chairman of the Board Bent Hansen and Vice-Chairman of the Board Laura Hay Uggla participated, and all three had the opportunity to exchange views with Minister of Finance Nicolai Wammen.

"We keep pushing for a 2+1 road all the way to Grenaa and eventually we want a highway on the stretch from Grenaa to Aarhus," said Henrik Carstensen, CEO Port of Grenaa

160 billion and a little for Djursland

As mentioned, the government was represented by Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen. He had a presentation based on the infrastructure reform "Denmark Forward" for DKK 160 billion, of which DKK 106 billion has been allocated to new projects around the country, including the line from Grenaa to Aarhus.

Today, a very small part of the stretch is a highway, a slightly longer stretch is a 2+1 expressway and the last 18 km or so from the Feldballe junction to Grenaa is an ordinary country road.

The road and traffic pass through the two towns - Tirstrup and Trustrup. Here, of course, there is also the heavy truck traffic, which every day consists of hundreds of ton trucks. They drive along this route, on their way with goods to and from companies in Djursland.

Overall, it is heavy, cumbersome, shaky, slow and noisy - either living in the towns the road passes through (Tirstrup and Trustrup), or driving between Aarhus and Grenaa.

Wammen aware of the challenge

Of course, port infrastructure was also discussed at the conference and the fact that the role of ports is important for infrastructure. Nicolai Wammen fully agreed with this point of view.
"I am fully aware of the wishes about Port of Grenaa and I think they are relevant. But as far as the DKK 160 billion (Denmark forward ed.) are concerned, they are allocated, so any new things that may come are something that must be financed in new rolls," he said, among other things, and was also in no doubt about the need for better infrastructure on the A15, especially in light of the high level of activity on Port of Grenaa.

CEO Henrik Carstensen would have liked the Minister of Finance to have brought a pool of money to buy some asphalt to expand the A15. Since that was not the case, it was nevertheless a positive port director who summed up the day's conference.

"We see it as a positive thing that the Minister for Finance has set aside time to be here today. And it is clear that he is aware of the wishes and problems with the infrastructure that we face at Port of Grenaa. The problems with the A15 are well known. We keep pushing for a 2+1 road all the way to Grenaa and eventually we want a highway on the stretch from Grenaa to Aarhus. This will contribute to economic growth, more settlement in the area and connect Djursland even closer to the growth center Aarhus and the whole of East Jutland," said CEO Henrik Carstensen after the conference at Aarhus Airport.

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