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Committed to the SDGs

15 March 2022

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For Port of Grenaa , it is important that the SDGs are widely embedded in the organisation. Even in the work on the sustainability strategy for 2025, employees have been involved.

Employees are now invited back for debate and joint discussion on how individuals can bring the SDGs into play in their everyday lives. One morning in February, everyone came together for a joint workshop and SDG game at Port Centre. A morning with room for dialogue and broader knowledge of the UN SDGs.

COWI as word and game controller

COWI facilitated the workshop and therefore acted as both word and game master during the morning. Grenaa Port's selected SDGs were highlighted and concrete everyday cases were discussed in the groups, each with its own "game board". A game where it was not about finishing first, but about having a good debate about the green transition.

Concrete proposals for action are prioritised

The result was an effective morning, where everyone had the opportunity to contribute concrete ideas based on their daily work. A lot of good and concrete suggestions for action were collected, after which the management now goes into the "engine room" and does the difficult but important exercise of prioritising which actions are possible to take up.

The Port of Grenaa's sustainability strategy has so far been to target specific and selected elements related to the SDGs.

"As an industrial and commercial port with an organization of only 22 individuals, we can't work on all the SDGs at once. But we can wholeheartedly pursue carefully and strategically selected goals. Actions that make a difference in the short and long term - and make good sense for both the environment and the bottom line," says CEO of Port of Grenaa Henrik Carstensen, who is also very pleased with the commitment of the employees.

"We are already doing many, many good things and we are also on track with several elements of our sustainability strategy. Small and big steps in the right direction towards the green transition", Henrik Carstensen emphasises.

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