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Ferry services to and from Sweden secured until 2034

16 August 2022

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Port of Grenaa and Stena Line have signed a new service agreement, which runs until the end of 2034, and the agreement is a good extension of the partnership agreement 'Kattegat Alliance' between Norddjurs Municipality and Halmstad Municipality. The agreement ensures a stable and regular ferry service between East Jutland and southern Sweden, and Stena Line therefore has the aim and hope that the number of tourists and trucks on the route will increase in the coming years.

New deal is a win for the environment

Since 1 February 2020, Stena Lines ferry has been sailing between the cities of Grenaa and Halmstad. With the new service agreement, ferry services between the two regions are guaranteed until 2034. Among other things, this means that hauliers and freight forwarders can be sure that their trucks can take a shortcut across the Kattegat and are not dependent on driving across Storebælt and the Øresund Bridge to get to and from Sweden.

"We are pleased that with this multi-year agreement with Stena Line we can offer an alternative to the long route across Funen and Zealand. If we can get even more trucks to Sweden and Denmark via waterway, it will be good for the environment and mean a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. It has been important to us that the agreement extends over many years, so that the transport industry has the opportunity to plan their route network over a multi-year period," says CEO Henrik Carstensen, Port of Grenaa.

Bringing growth to the Kattegat region

The mayor of Norddjurs municipality is also enthusiastic about the new agreement, which he says will provide optimal conditions for stimulating growth in tourism and business in the Kattegat region.

"This is a very good agreement for Norddjurs Municipality and the whole of East Jutland. The agreement between Port of Grenaa and Stena Line guarantees that there will be a stable and good ferry service for the next many years. A ferry service that binds the Kattegat region together. It is the basis for us to develop the region together with our partners in the Kattegat Alliance, so that we create the best growth conditions for the development of business and tourism on both sides of the Kattegat", says Kasper Bjerregaard, Mayor of Norddjurs Municipality, and continues:

"The agreement underlines the importance of expanding the 2 plus 1 road network between Grenaa and Aarhus, and that the infrastructure settlement 'Denmark Forward - Infrastructure Plan 2035' is made a reality."

Environmentally friendly transport option

"At Stena Line we are delighted to enter into a long-term agreement on the ferry service between Grenaa and Halmstad and thus continue to be able to offer our freight customers and passengers an efficient and environmentally friendly transport option across the Kattegat. We look forward to continuing the good cooperation with Port of Grenaa and Norddjurs Municipality for many years to come", says Kim Lindholm, Operations Manager, Port and Terminals Stena Line ".


  • The ferry connection between Grenaa and Halmstad has two daily departures.

  • There has been a ferry connection between Grenaa and Sweden for about 65 years. Stena Line has operated the service for about 40 years.

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