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Wind energy and offshore wind: Get Port of Grenaa as an experienced partner

With the installation of Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, we cemented our reputation and recognition as a professional wind port for the offshore wind industry - both nationally and internationally. That's why Port of Grenaa is one of Denmark's leading ports for pre-assembly and O&M (Operation and Management).

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Future offshore wind farms in Kattegat

Solutions for the wind industry have been at the heart of Port of Grenaa for a number of years. We work with many stakeholders on onshore and offshore wind projects. From floating wind turbines, upcycling and recycling, to pre-assembly and O&M. Therefore, we have the whole package available for future offshore wind farms such as Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm in Kattegat.

Wind turbine towers on Port of Grenaa

Port of Grenaa is available for the future offshore wind farms in Kattegat.

Tetra Spar in Port of Grenaa

Pre-assembly and production facilities

We offer the ideal setup for handling and shipping large wind turbine components. There is plenty of space to work safely and efficiently. A jack-up area with reinforced seabed for installation vessels, 100% green shore power and good navigation conditions are some of the facilities that make us the obvious partner for offshore wind farms in Kattegat.


Pre-assembly and development area

O&M service hub

Overview of facilities

Pre-assembly and development area

  • Well-designed project area
  • Good distance to housing 
  • Exclusive quay areas built of reinforced concrete with high load-bearing capacity
  • Installation within ISPS area 
  • Office facilities
  • 30.000 m2 new port area
  • Supply of 20 MW green shore power (available 2023)
  • Electricity, water and IT lead to the pre-assembly area 
  • Jack-up area with reinforced seabed for installation vessels
  • Possible to establish separate arrival facilities for crew boats 
  • Minimal tides, currents and usually ice-free in winter 
  • Warehouses in different sizes available - also for heating
  • More mobile cranes available, TWIN-LIFT up to 250 tonnes
  • Possibility of 24/7 service
  • Heliport is an option
Overview of facilities

O&M service hub

With a strategic location close to the potential offshore wind farms in the Kattegat, Port of Grenaa is the obvious choice as an O&M base. All our O&M facilities are located close to the quay, ensuring optimal conditions for operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the Kattegat.

  • Port authorities
  • Storage facilities
  • Office and meeting facilities 
  • Separate arrival facilities for crew boats
  • Shipyard  
  • Pilot and coastal rescue
  • 24/7 wind industry supplier network
  • Shore power supply is prepared
  • Hotel, conference and accommodation  
Optimal conditions for operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms

Port of Grenaa is the ideal offshore O&M base

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