Infrastructure improvements on the agenda

17 December 2020

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The Grenaa-Halmstad ferry link will relieve pressure on the road network by acting as a floating highway for many of the thousands of lorries that travel between Jutland and southern Sweden every year. This places high demands on the infrastructure in Djursland. In addition, Port of Grenaa will prepare itself and the infrastructure for a massive increase in activity for a future offshore wind farm or more in the Kattegat. For example, Hesselø in Kattegat, which is expected to be completed in 2027.

At Port of Grenaa A/S, CEO Henrik Carstensen has already presented several politicians with the Port of Grenaa's priority infrastructure needs, as Port of Grenaa is dedicated to meeting the government's wishes to shift traffic from road to sea.

The problems of congestion on the roads must be solved, and one of the ways to do this is to use our ports and sea routes, says Henrik Carstensen.

The port is stepping up dialogue with more politicians who can support the port and local area's efforts to continuously modernise infrastructure.

The illustration above shows Grenaa Port's prioritised infrastructure needs, where the first priority is a so-called 2+1 high class road from the end of the Djursland motorway to Grenaa.

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