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Port of Partnerships

28 January 2021

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With the new strategy Port of partnerships for a green world , the port is building on a period of great development and progress, as evidenced by the earnings records of the last two years.
This includes the introduction of a new green core segment, Energy & Innovation, and channelling procurement in a more sustainable direction.

"In our previous strategy period, we set a strong direction for the port's future by focusing on development within seven selected core segments. Today, our vision is still to create growth for businesses and society. But today, green transition is on the agenda, the world is changing and the Port of Grenaa is part of it", says Henrik Carstensen, CEO, Port of Grenaa and continues:

"As one of Denmark's major commercial and industrial ports, we believe it is our duty to contribute to achieving the Danish and European goal of full climate neutrality by 2050. Therefore, with the new strategy, we will sharpen the focus on supporting green growth. This means that we must dare to think innovatively, that we must work smarter and that we must contribute to the development of new green technologies.

Sustainability externally and internally

Port of Grenaa has allocated sustainability efforts to seven of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, in the areas of business sustainability and organisational sustainability.

Business sustainability relates to the port's commercial approach to the market, offering port customers sustainable solutions that strengthen their core business.

Organisational sustainability addresses the internal lines where the port as an organisation will be greener, while focusing on social responsibility and competence development of employees.

"The strategy contains a number of concrete objectives that we are ready to put into action now.One of the key initiatives is that at least 10% of the Port of Grenaa's annual profits are used to invest in green solutions, such as access to green power throughout the port and investment in sustainable equipment."

Want to change and improve with energy & innovation

With the new Energy & Innovation core segment, the port's ambition is to future-proof the industry by establishing intelligent solutions to make logistics run more smoothly and energy resources last longer.

"We believe that a port that seizes new technological opportunities becomes a better port for its partners. For example, we have just invested DKK 25 million in an intelligent Liebherr crane. In addition to being equipped with intelligent automated technology, the crane is currently in Rostock to be converted to run on electricity," says Henrik Carstensen.

Test platform for future green energy

With Energy & Innovation, the port aims to join forces with several globally oriented partners on environment, recycling, but also to become a large-scale test platform for new forms of energy, so-called Power-to-X:

"Port of Grenaa is already known as one of Denmark's leading ports for wind turbine projects. At the same time, we have always worked to promote and develop the transport chain. We will make our experience in these two areas available for the development of new green energy, which will be crucial for the transformation of the entire transport industry", notes Henrik Carstensen.

Just before the turn of the year, the board of Port of Grenaa decided to invest up to DKK 100 million in a historic port expansion, which is expected to be completed in January 2023. The port area will be flexibly designed and upgraded to 18 MW shore power, making it available for large projects across the port's core segments, such as a pre-assembly area and base and service center for Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm and Power-to-X testing.

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