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6 September 2021

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The site was swept, flags waved beautifully in the wind, the port's large mobile cranes lined up along the quayside - and the port's staff, dressed in yellow for the occasion, were ready to welcome you to the North Harbour.

Many happy guests chose to use Saturday morning and noon to visit the North Harbour, which is normally closed for ISPS security and safety reasons. Port of Grenaa had invited to an Open Harbour event with gift bags, entertainment, music, speeches, food and drinks from 10-13.


The Merry Seamen provided a festive, maritime atmosphere with sea shanties and singing from the stage, which very appropriately consisted of a curtain-sider trailer from local haulage firm Rygaard Transport & Logistics. From the stage, Henrik Svanekiær mesmerised the audience on the quay with psychological magic and manipulation.

An important item on the programme was also the unveiling of the name competition to decide what name the red Gottwald crane will bear in future, and not least the new giant Liebherr crane. The judging committee had previously chosen from among the proposals received in the competition, which was held over the summer - and the result was August for the Gottwald crane and Limone for the Liebherr crane.

The winners were Søren Vogt and Else Brask, who were both presented with prizes by Mayor Jan Petersen. Runner up among the top three in the field was also Lars Hammer, who will be presented with his prize after the event.


According to Henrik Carstensen, CEO, Port of Grenaa A/S, the port is experiencing great support and commitment from the local community. Port of Grenaa has a strong history behind it, and many people have traditionally come to the port to follow its activities. A support that Port of Grenaa wanted to honour by showcasing the port.

"Normally you can follow the activities via Grenaa Port's website, Facebook and Linkedin, but this time we have chosen to make an extraordinary effort to show the citizens a little more of what the port looks like. We are quite proud of our port ourselves," says Henrik Carstensen.

"Port of Grenaa has had a successful few years with record results, and now was the time to celebrate with those around us. On behalf of the whole organisation, I would like to send a big thank you to all the many people who attended the event for their support."

Henrik Carstensen - CEO, Port of Grenaa

Port of Grenaa isnow continuing its daily work to comply with the recently presented strategy Port of partnerships for a green world 2025.

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