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Port of Grenaa delivers record turnover for the fifth year in a row

April 23, 2024

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Port of Grenaa achieved a net turnover of DKK 79.9 million in 2023. This is the fifth year in a row that the port has delivered record turnover, and it is also an increase in turnover of more than 30 percent compared to 2021. The net profit for the year is DKK 11.9 million.

The port's board considers this year's result to be very positive, said Bent Hansen, chairman of the board of Port of Grenaa, at Monday's general meeting:

"The result for the year reflects, among other things, that here in Denmark's most central deepwater port, we have built up a good base business and a solid foundation that reflects our positions of strength," says Bent Hansen.

Henrik Carstensen, CEO of Port of Grenaa, shares his satisfaction with the results the port has delivered in the past year.

"In 2023, we have had high activity in all core segments. And on the inside, we have come a long way in areas such as ESG, CSR and ISO, which contributes to our legitimacy with our business partners in the years to come. Our major focus - both in 2023 and in previous years - has been on developing new relationships. Currently, we are making great efforts in the wind segment, which is and will continue to be an area of huge growth."

And it is precisely the nurturing of existing relationships and the development of new ones that characterizes the skilled operation of the Port of Grenaa, Bent Hansen adds:

"The knowledge and trust in the Port of Grenaa is increasing, and the port can thank the CEO and his organization for that. If there are no good relations, customers will find somewhere else, and that is what I am most pleased about as chairman; that trust has been built up, which means that the Port of Grenaa is competitive and visible to new customers," says Bent Hansen.

Increased capacity needed for continued growth

With the bustle comes wear and tear on equipment and areas, and during the year, prioritized resources have been used to ensure that the port remains sharp in the future.

But if the Port of Grenaa's growth journey is to continue, it is also absolutely necessary to invest in the future. Both in the form of new equipment - such as the new hydraulic crane, which is expected to arrive in Grenaa in 2025, but also increased capacity in the form of more port area, says Bent Hansen:

"We must ensure that we remain in the super league of ports that are attractive for the upcoming offshore wind projects in the Kattegat, Skagerrak and the Baltic Sea. We are looking into a very exciting future - especially in the wind segment. The first major project is scheduled to depart from the Port of Grenaa in 2026, and if we have the space, there are more exciting things in the pipeline," he says.

Supporting the port's acute need for space during 2024 is thus crucial for all these potentials to be realized, and we are therefore working intensively with the port's owner to find additional space outside the port, Bent Hansen adds:

"It is our hope that we, together with Norddjurs Municipality, can find a quick solution so that the port can have the opportunity to rent or buy the necessary areas. 2024 will be a year where we cannot continue the development if our capacity is not increased. It must be in everyone's interest that we jointly ensure the conditions for the port's continued growth and development," says the chairman of the board, who adds that the infrastructure and accessibility to Grenaa has also remained a focus area in 2023.

Strategic focus and outlook for 2030 strategy

Over the past year, the Port of Grenaa has put more words to the company's ambitions and efforts in the areas of environment, society and governance, commonly referred to as ESG. Thus, the port also submits an impressive CSR report that describes how Port of Grenaa practices running a responsible business.

"We wholeheartedly want to be a workplace that promotes well-being for our most important resource: our employees. During the year, we were certified in quality, environment and work environment. Three ISO standards that we are extremely proud to have achieved," says Henrik Carstensen.

Bent Hansen adds that the increased strategic focus has given rise to an update of the 2025 strategy with a new sustainability strategy:

"We were already far along with many of the goals we had set for 2025, and the development has steered us in a direction where we now take ESG, ISO, SMART goals, SDGs and a number of signature projects as our starting point. Soon we will be embarking on the next important steps towards the development of our 2030 strategy."

The board of directors remains unchanged

Jess Abildskou was the only board member up for election and he was re-elected. The board therefore continues unchanged.

The board of Port of Grenaa consists of Chairman Bent Hansen, Vice Chairman Laura Hay Uggla, Anette Liebe, Benny Hammer, Jens Meilvang, Lene Skovsgaard Sørensen, Daniel Isak Dallerup and Jess Abildskou.

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